MyMyo consists of


Main hardware for EMG signal acquisition, sampling and transmission over Bluetooth low energy

A smartphone/tablet application for visualization, analysis and data storage

Desktop app for doctors/ physiotherapist/trainers in clinics/hospitals/rehabilitation centers



Main features of MyMyo



As a wireless protocol, Bluetooth Low Energy is used, since low power consumption is one of the most important requirements for long-term operation of the device.

Attached to the skin above the muscle of interest with 3 sticky gel electrodes.

No wires – no movement restriction for example on running, walking and other dynamic exercises (which is common disadvantage of most EMG systems).



One-time Ambu® WhiteSensor gel electrodes.

Cheap, hygienic and easily replaceable.

Creative system for attachment designed.

Each channel is an independent device and therefore we can attach more of them above muscles of interest.

There is no one common (further away positioned) reference electrode, but each channel has its own reference electrode in the middle of two signal ones.

Smartphone/tablet app is used as a visualization device, which enables modularity from more perspectives.

1) app can be adjusted depending on a type of user
– physiotherapy patient where there is a supervision of a doctor or physiotherapist needed
– private body training and shaping purposes.

2) app will be adjusted to the number of devices attached to the muscles

More visualization types:

1) time line graph – monitors activation of muscles in time

2) bar graph – show in parallel how muscles work during specific exercise, person or a supervisor can adjust needed muscle levels for optimal training and define when the exercise is performed correctly

3) fatigue analysis

App can:

– monitor performance of exercises – count number of good performed ones – would be even possible to give suggestions on correcting performance


Data stored to the SD card in parallel.