The MyMyo idea

In neuromuscular rehabilitation, it is important to emphasize not only the strengthening of muscle, but also the crucial role of proper muscle coordination. However, for some muscles people don’t have visual or tactile feedback of the level of contraction, therefore, a physiotherapist or a doctor needs to monitor performance of exercises.

The MyMyo solution

This leads to limitations in many ways:

  • financial
  • number of patients who can be supervised
  • time and place where patient can exercise etc.

MyMyo overcomes
 most of those shortcomings since:

  • it could reduce the need for number of real time, face to face trainings with physiotherapist/doctor
  • the user receives feedback from the device instead of the supervisor
  • signals can be recorded during the training session and sent after the session to the supervisor who can provide instructions on necessary changes in the method or regime of training

The impact of MyMyo

Usage of MyMYo could:

  • vastly enlarge availability of quality trainings to end users
  • speed up rehabilitation or achievement of training
  • significantly reduce the training costs
  • enable to the physiotherapist, doctors and trainers usage of collected data from their patients for scientific research and design of new exercises better suiting end users’ needs